Hendra Wijaya : Running, Cycling, and Promoting Tourism along Sumatera on Trans Sumatera Duathlon Ultra 2432 Km

Sabang, April 10, 2016. Hendra Wijaya and his supporting team from Trans Sumatera Duathlon Ultra 2,432 km start their ultra-running journey by crossing Sumatera Island inZero KilometerMonument, Sabang. Through this event, Wijaya will run and cycle along the Sumatera route of 2,432 km distance during 16 days, starting from Zero kilometer in Sabang until Bakauheni. Trans Sumatera Duathlon Ultra is also intended to promote the Indonesian tourism, especially the ones in the eastern part of Sumatera Island.

Hendra Wijaya start running from Zero Kilometer Sabang, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia.

This event will be held from April 10 until April 26, 2016 and it is initiated by Hendra Wijaya himself, the first Indonesian ultra-running who had joined and run in South Pole, Trans Oman for 300 km.

“I want to make an extreme adventure event. Furthermore, Trans Sumatera Duathlon Ultra is also a chance to train me for facing a bigger event in France and Switzerland. And the most important thing is that, through this event, I will try to promote our national beauty and Indonesian tourism, especially the ones in Sumatera Island,”, as explained by Hendra Wijaya.

Technically, this event will be divided into two parts: cycling for 150–180km (depending on the road and weather situation) and running for 42 km each day starting at 5.30 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Mila Karmila, runner from Solo following Trans Sumatera Duathlon with Hendra Wijaya and team. photo source : Traveller Kaskus

“Unlike other events, this event is not merely an ordinary adventure event. This Ultra Duathlon Competition is actually having total distance standard and cut off time for cycling and running based on the international standard.” –Hendra Wijaya.

Trans Sumatera Duathlon Ultra 2,432 km has got full support from Wijaya’s teams who will be guiding and accompanying him during his 16 days journey. Those teams are as mentioned here, telusuRI, Traveller Kaskus, Kaskus OANC, Travelnatic Magazine, Indonesia in Your Hand, dan Langit Eterprise.

Indra Kelana, one of Wijaya’s supporting teams said that he once experienced as Wijaya’s supporting team in Trans Sumbawa. Once he knew that there was another similar chance and offer to join Trans Sumatera, he was immediately and without hesitant interested in joining again as he thinks that this will bring him to other opportunities in exploring Sumatera and of course he will also get many valuable experiences through this event.

Hendra Wijaya will cycling 1760 Km in 8 days, along Sumatera. Photo by Griska R. Gunara

Some of the places that will be crossed by Wijaya and his teams are Aceh, Medan, Riau, Palembang, Jambi, Lampung, and Bakauheni. Duathlon Ultra team will also hold some sharing sessions with other communities which concern on tourism, during their stops in some spots among those places.

Besides, having cooperation with Indonesian Foundation is much better; this event will also do some charities for the kids in Roslin Orphanage in Kupang.

“Children’s world is all about beauty and laughter. I do care and love about kids, therefore this Trans Sumatera journey is dedicated to support children’s education in Roslin Foundation in Kupang.” , as said by Hendra Wijaya

It is expected that Trans Sumatera Duathlon Ultra 2,342 km will be the pioneer of other similar upcoming events. Moreover, there will be another person joining Hendra Wijaya in Aceh and together they will be crossing Sumatera Island by running. She is Mila Marlina, a senior climber who happened to be the only female finisher in MesaStila Challenge Ultra 100km. Mila will run for 42km each day starting on the second day until finish.

Let’s give our full support for Hendra Wijaya and Team in Trans Sumatera Duathlon Ultra 2,432 km!

Real time update about the adventurous stories of Hendra Wijaya can be found in Instagram dan Twitter under the hashtag #TransSumateraDuathlon

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Translated by Noviastuti Putri Indrasari

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