Hitchhiking Sailing Boats – Carmo and Ines

“After a long well deserved night of sleep, and a tiring morning of online work, we were back on the pontoons! Looking for sailing rides.

It was not easy… Me and Inês were feeling worried about the possibility of becoming homeless for the night… But eventually we found a great boat where the female skipper offered us a cabin to spend the night! We accepted it, without knowing that this would be where we would spend the next 15 days sailing. And also this would be one of the best boats we have hitch hiked so far!”

Hitchhiking sailing boats is what we do, and as you can imagine, it is not always easy. But be sure, it is worth it!

I am Carmo and for the last 65days I have been sailing and living entirely at sea. This adventure started in Lisbon. Together with my friend Inês, we decided to set the goal of hitchhiking sailing boats for 100days. Both of us wanted to become better sailors, by doing it, and we had the desire and curiosity to get to know those who choose to live at sea.

So we created life ON board, our diary of adventure, where we have been sharing our stories about discovering life at sea.

It has now passed more than two months since we began this adventure! And we have sailed from Lisbon (Portugal) to the Balearics (Spain). We have hitchhiked 9 different sailing boats. Met skippers from 6 different nationalities. Lived with 31 different people on board. Sailed for over a thousand nautical miles. And yet, it is never enough.

It has been an amazing experience. This kind of travelling has turned out to be much more than we expected! It went beyond the labels of a ‘well-spent holiday’ or an ‘experience to remember’. Sailing hitch hiking has showed us different perspectives on life. It has changed the way we look at the world as it opened our horizons. Living with so many different skippers and crews for the past months, introduced us to different life choices and possibilities. Tested some of our limits. Gave us amazing sunsets and sailing days and nights. As well as difficult moments, of tension on board and unnecessary jelly fish stings! And yet, it is never enough.

We are still sailing and we will continue to do it. Why? Well because it is too good to stop. No matter how many days we’ve been doing it, it is never enough. Keep posted! [continue/carmo]






If you enjoyed reading and feel like to contributing to the adventure to go on you can! Here paypal.me/carmosr

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