Hey, tell your friend, we got a beautiful beach in here! Red Island Beach!


Red Island Beach is located in Pesanggaran village, Banyuwangi. It is about 80 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi itself is a regency which is located at the far east of Java Island, so it has a famous nickname, Sunrise of Java. Because of its location, Banyuwangi has many beautiful places to visit , especially beaches. One of those beaches is Red Island Beach.

A girl stand in sedimentary rocks at Red Island Beach. Photo by Rega Wahyu Anggraini

Taking a trip to Banyuwangi is easy. You can use almost all kinds of transportation to go there.You can either use bus or train, or you can use airplane to Blimbingsari Airport. If you come from eastern part of Indonesia, you can embark on ship that travel to Ketapang Harbour in Banyuwangi. In contrast, going to a destination isn’t as easy as going to Banyuwangi, because there are only few transportation methods that we can use. Moreover, many destination are located far from the main road. But recently, a new bus route have started to be operated from Jajag-Sanggar-Sarongan. So now if you want to go to Red Island Beach, you can take a bus which usually departs at 8.15 a.m. from Jajag Terminal to Pesanggaran Terminal.

Red Island Beach got its name from the red soil that composed it, which created a 200 meters hill located near the beach. Although it is composed by red soil, it is not as red as its name if you look at it from a distance. Instead, you will see it as a green hill because many vegetations grow up on the hill. You can go to the hill onfoot when the tide level is low.

Some people fishing at Red Island Beach, Banyuwangi. Photo by Rega Wahyu Anggraini

If you want to see the most beautiful scenery of Red Island Beach, you should visit it in the morning to see the sunrise or at dawn to see the sunset. However, many backpackers said that they prefer watching sunset together and then camping at night.

You can reach Red Island Beach for about 2–3 hours from Banyuwangi through a not-so-bad road condition, which can be travelled by motorcycle or car. You need Rp3.000 for parking fee and another Rp5.000 for entrance fee. We can also park our vehicle near the beach so we only need a little walk to reach the beach.

If you are a surfing-lover, Red Island Beach is the right place for you. It has big and wild wave which is ideal for surfing because it is located in the southern coast of Java Island. For the last two years, an international surfing competition has been held in May, which attracts many travellers from other countries. The competition is divided into three categories : international, national, and local. So, for local and national surfer, they can prove their ability in surfing. There are many fascinating places other than Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi, so wait for my next stories. So, come and visit the Sunrise of Java! [End]

Written by Rega Wahyu Anggraini – Banyuwangi
Translated and Edited by Josial Zentaluary Lanapu and Noviastuti Putri Indrasari

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